Sunday, December 30, 2007

Roswell rocks!

Today started in one of the greatest towns ever! Roswell New Mexico. There is cool alien stuff everywhere! We had lunch at the place above. Good food and very helpful. Check engine light went on as we were about to leave Roswell. (no anal probing, but it's clear that the aliens wanted us to stay). So some quick internet searches and help from Canyon and Auto Zone found out that it was the IMRC valve. Not a big issue that's pretty much OK now.

We went to the UFO museum and this UFO neon walk thru thing. We found our way by none other than alien ON ON feet.

Inside was pretty cool and cheesy at the same time. $2 well spent! I would like to say more, but it's kind of something one needs to see (and like cheesy alien stuff).
This is some random scene from something like a late 1940's alien movie. Don't know why, but I just like this picture. Also as a camera geek I am really like my Canon G9. Pictures where not easy to take in the neon room, but I put the camera in a ISO3200 mode and the pictures came out pretty well. Wish I had tried this in Carlsbad Caverns.

From Roswell we drove about 200 miles directly north to Santa Fe NM. The drive was great! we saw Sheep, cows, deer, and llamas. Also stopped by Clines Corners for a quick break and some shopping. It was a fun stop and picked up a few gifts.

Not sure what altitude Roswell is at, but the highest point we reached was 7300 feet! (taken from Garmen GPS watch). We're at 6800 now, almost 2000 feet above denver! Tonight we ate at Tortilla Flats. Good local place with good food. Not only did we go out just to eat, but to celebrate Jenn getting an invintation to interview at UCSF for NP grad school. So this means she'll be back in Cali in late jan for a weekend and hopefully attending grad school starting in june!

Tomorrow we'll stop by the Georgia O'Keefe museum, then to the worlds longest tram in Albuquerque, then on to Flagstaff AZ to celebrate new years. More pictures to come!

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