Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Here it is. My apt in SLO. Wanna see more pictures? Sure you do, just follow this link. http://picasaweb.google.com/todd.meaney/SLOApartment

Last few days have been busy looking at apts and getting back to boston. Signed my lease around 3:15 on monday. Got a call from united around 3:30 saying that my flight had been cancelled and I was rebooked for an early flight tuesday. Not good. Then they called 60 seconds later tell me that there was a plane leaving in 40min and asked if I could make it. Lucky for me, SLO is small and my office is about 2 miles form the airport. 30 min had passed between the time I talked to united to when I was on the plane. 10 mile later we were off to a 5 hour layover in san fransico (at least I got to watch the Pats game).

Long story short apt hunting was not much fun. Very happy with my place though. It's 1.4 miles from work and 1.8 from all the bars. I did see one other place that was pretty nice. 100 yard fro mthe beach with a great view of the ocean and not to meantion this guy.

The apt was located on the enterence to hte sand dunes, so ATV, 4x4, and dune buggy traffic run 24/7 and get's really bad during the summer.

Now just need to pack, party, and head out west...

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gbradlee said...

This is your landlord from W. Roxbury. Your rent is due...

Whats up with the funky countertop in the bathroom? Was there a sale at Grossman's? Where's the orange shag carpet? Does that walkin' closet relocate itself or does it stay put?