Saturday, December 1, 2007

SLO moving, scouting trip day 2

Slo today was the first real day of apt scouting. Ended up going to 5 places. The first place was interesting at best. He said it used to be a garage, I would say by the smell it was a chicken coop. It did have a lot of interesting features, but none of them remotely usable as living space. What does that really mean? It means if for some crazy reason I was drunk I would proably die from trying to navigate all the "interesting" features. Also I find it odd that I have to pass thru a walk in closet to get to the stand up shower thing. I just don't know enough words to continue describing this so I'll just say it was like a 6 year old MC Escher had designed a chicken coop in Visio and some how it actaully got made. At least he wanted a lot of money for it. I don't have a pict, but here's a good drawing. Just imagine all the creepy faceless people aren't there.

The next place actually wasn't too bad. For those newporters out there, think east bay village, but reasonably priced and none of the crazy management. 3rd place was also nice, maybe I'll live there. 4th place was nice but really expensive. It seems prices here aren't really based on location of how nice they are. Price is mostly based on how delusional the owner is what they think the place is worth. Yes, the paint is nice, but not $200/month nice. The fumes, though nice, are not worth giving up beer for.

Dinner tonight was at the only brewey in town. Excellent beer and burger. Even got a tip on a place to live very close to work. A bit more than I was to spend, but it does have a washer, dryer, fireplace, and small airport. I know what you're thinking. Having you own small airport would be great. And it would be except it's only serviced by American Airlines and Southwest. It will be a cold day in SLO before I ever ride those airlines again.

Beer of the night is a porter from Anchor Steam (san fran) and a porter from Firestone (Paso Robles). Drinking the anchor now, very good stuff.

The plan for tomorrow is to check out some apts in the beach communities. Not down town SLO, but on the water and very quiet.

Oh yeah, the flight out. Not bad for free. Bad head winds, took over 7 hours from boston to san fran. So they played two movies. The second, "Shooter" was pretty good, hot chick, lots of action (but if you ask Jenn it was two hours of marky mark). The first movie "No resevations" was a total tear jerking chick flick. I didn't want to watch, but what could I do??? I mean who writes this stuff? Who really thinks it's fun to be emotioinally tortured for 2 hours? Honestly, I think my breast were swollen and sore when the movie was over. Though I find this odd, I am starting to get an idea of why so many male flight attendants turn gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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Joe Mamma said...

This sounds like the first chapter to a book that ends in AA meetings and 12 step programs. Hooray for technology.

What the hell do you want to go to California for? Don't you want to go out hashing in sub-freezing temps today?

Funny story. I ordered an anchor steam in a loud bar in San Franscico. I'm waiting for longer than you'd expect for someone to crack a beer and hand it to you. Bartender comes back and hands me a sex on the beach.

No rollerblading ensued.