Thursday, December 27, 2007

A few words from Jenn...

Hey all! So this is Todd and I heading out of Boston on December 21st. A little later than Todd would have liked, but I wanted him to REALLY think about making the move from Boston. It didn't work. :(

It's now the 27th, 1800 miles and 14 states later, we find ourselves in the middle of east butt-f@*k Texas, and we're still speaking! Only 1400 or so miles to go. We've had a fabulous time so far. The pre-Christmas Christmas was fabulous. The pinky-swear Secret Santa at the Meaney's was a blast, although far from a secret for most. Much to my chagrin, one Mr. Todd Meaney won the 2007 Meaney Scrabble Championship. He was awarded a scholarship and modeling contract to go along with his tiara and boquet of roses.

After a brief visit with the fabulous Sullivan's, we headed south to Atlanta. We stopped in Roanoke, VA for the night where it was a challenge to find food at 10pm. The weather was beautiful on Monday (12/23) to ride through the VA countryside. Lot's of scenery to test out my new camera.

The Hicks family Christmas was low key, relaxing and fun. Jamie was his usually comic self. We had to deal with Petey the wonder-rat. Todd and Dad had a great time sharing in the wonders of the Rhino Liner. (Google it!) It was great to hang out, have a few drinks, and redeem myself from the Scrabble loss by winning at both Trivial Pursuit and my all-time favorite Boggle. (I'll take on all challengers!) I WILL take the 2008 Championship. Start practicing Meaney family!!!

After a few days to recharge, we headed back out on the road today. I even got to drive standard today on the open road. Todd insists that I'm doing well, but I still feel a bit shaky. Just be glad you're not out on the road down here with me!!

After stopping to see the mighty Miss, we headed back on the road. We drove through Shreveport, LA where there are TONS of casinos and where the Independence Bowl is being played. After a failed attempt to find an American steakhouse, we went for the Japanese varietal. The meal was one of the best hibachi dinners ever! We're now at a rad Quality Inn blogging for your entertainment (and ours, I suppose).

I'm now in Texas for the first time ever and looking forward to a long ride through new country tomorrow. We're going to hit Odessa tomorrow to see if we can find out where the virus is being kept in order to save the world (anyone get that reference?!).

On-on to Roswell to find the aliens and their UFOs! Mmm....UFO.

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