Thursday, December 27, 2007

Broad Band from the road

Hey all, we're just about 20 miles outside of Tuscaloosa AL and up and running on verizons broad band internet connection via a blackberry pearl. Haven't had too much time to blog yet, so we'll start with some catch up. Here's are some picts from Xmas. Started at my parents place in Lenox MA. Had a great time! Left on 12/23 for a 2 day drive to Jenn's parents in Atlanta GA. Met her parents for the first time. They are great! and we had a fantastic low key christmas. Just want we were looking for.

So far we've taken about 300 pictures. We'll get those uploaded soon and post the link. Until then here are a few from Christmas.

Meaney family photo. Notice the 2007 Scrabble champ in the middle :-)

Justin opening his first gift.

Lot's of wrapping paper

Jamie and Jeff dueling cameras
Mmmm beer....

Petey the "wonder" dog.

The Hicks family


Anonymous said...

Nice work...I love the way your images alternate between 320x240 thumbnails and 1600x1200 high-res originals. Speaking of which (not really), check out this and this. Look familiar?

Todd aka Cuffy said...

Yeah, I am not very good with computers... Glad to see the SGI is up and running. Have you done a flops per pound calculation yet?