Friday, December 28, 2007

Pecos TX

Might have some better pictures coming in a later post. We've stopped for the night in Pecos TX. We're staying at the motel 6 mostly b/c they offer free wireless internet. Can see the wireless thingy but no internet access. So we're logged in via the blackberry. However no verizon EV network coverage here so access is very slow. Kind of reminds me of my TRS80 300 baud days. It may be slow, but their Navajo encryption technology works very well!

To recap the day:
Started out in Longveiw TX. Went about 5 miles west on 20 to Hog's Eye TX. Got some sausage links in a croissant and a very good blended coffee thing. Jenns coffee though brewed fresh was not so good. A quick chat with the locals and we were on our way to ~10 hour drive to Pecos TX. Stopping briefly at two rest stops for gas and food, Midlind TX to say hi to the Pres and Laura, then to Odessa TX to see if we could find the paper factory were the Company hid the virus. No luck.... Then it was a beautiful sunset drive to Pecos.

We ate st the sunset stake house. Had some good stake. Not quite what we expected (we were looking for a traditional texas stake house, this was more of a local low key type place). very good though, salad dressing reminded me of my moms. Also the owners are from worcester. Moved here about a year ago.

And that's where the story ends today. We have a small room w/ a double bed, no internet access and a 6 pack of aged dos equis beer. Tomorrow we are headed north into new mexico. First to Carlsbad to check out the caves, then to Roswell to check out some aliens, then possibly to Santa Fe for some mexican food and hopefully some real 802.11g for proper blogging.

Forgot to mention that we stopped for gas in some tiny middle of nowhere place. Interesting place. About 20 ft from the gas pumps they were smoking beef. Big ol fire... At the time I was not so scared, more interested in getting some real home made beef jerky. We were in luck, they had some. Kept in a card board box, taken out and given to us wapped in a scott towel. Nothing like a slim jim. These were two big long pieces of meat (yeah yeah yeah, I get it....). Not at all easy to eat, but pretty good. Going to try to take another bite tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes...

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