Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hey hey from Roswell!

Yeah, I'm a dork, but coming so close to Roswell and not stopping to check out some aliens is crazy! So we've decided to spend the night here, watch the pats win, and check out as much alien coolness as possible. So tomorrow we start at the UFO museum and "reseach" center. Not sure how much Jenn is really enjoying this town, but I will say she seems to love the anal probe jokes. They come about once every 10 seconds.

Today was a great day for traveling. We got out of Pecos texas and headed to Carlsbad NM and to Carlsbad cavern. We took 285 notrh from pecos. Thinking it was a smaller road, travel would be slow and we expected a 2 hours ride. Turns out it was a 4 lane higway w/ no cops, no traffic, and no speed limit (it was 80, but who cares). Due to the time change crossing the NM/TX boarder, we arrived close to the time we left.

Before I forget, TX was oil country. These things are everywhere!
Also We stopped in Midland TX, home to George W and Laura Bush. Yeah, this looks like a city, but it's way out of place, there's nothing like it for 100's of miles and there doesn't seem to be any surrounding towns or places to live in town). It has a few big buildings, but the surrounding area seems very impoverished (Roswell is the first town we've seen in 1000 miles that doesnt' seem impoverished).

Carlsbbad cavern was very impressive. The 5 mile drive to the enterance is exception beautiful. We stopped several times to snap a few picts. To enter the cave, you walk down through the natural enterence. A steep winding path that decends 80 stories into the ground.
It's not really possible to descibe what the cave was like in side. We spent about 3 hours walking ~3 miles. Every turn was more impressive than the next. The scale of the this underground cavern was huge. In the Big Room, there is a drop from teh liberity dome to the bottomless pit of ~300 feet! More picts to be posted, but here's a quick pict of the cave towards the end.

The only down side to the cave tour was that they don't let you walk out. They say it's too hard for most people. Fine, but for some it's just fine. Long story short they make you take the elevator. Only 2 of the 4 elevators were running and each elevator can only take 8 people at a time. To make things even better, they had 3o00 people in the cave today. Took over 30min to get out, and that was before the line got big!

So time to head arcross the street and watch the pats win. More updates tomorrow from Santa Fe NM!

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joemamma said...

The lady here just said to me in a very motherly voice "oh, that's nice, maybe you and Todd can probe each other!"