Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Grand Canyon, an impressively big hole!

Happy new year!!!! Writing this on the rt 40 about 75 miles from Kingsman AZ and about 140 miles from the Hoover dam. Hope everyone had a great new years eve! Jenn and I spent ours eating pizza and drinking some beer in a radisson hotel in Flagstaff AZ. It was hard to get a dinner reservation and we needed some down time. So we basically had a few beers and watched 2007 retrospectives. First time we have not been on the east coast for new years. We watched the ball drop at 10pm our time. Also watched the same ball drop again at 12pm our time. I guess there's no big ball ceremony for mountain standard time.

We got up around 7:30 and headed for the Grand Canyon. I have been to the south west many times in the winter. Vegas and El Paso mostly. It's cool, but defn not cold. Might need just a fleece to stay warm. This trip hs not been so warm. Flagstaff was 20 or below the whole time we were there! (also it's windy and at 7000 feet). From flag staff we drove west on 180 to 64 north. RT 180 was a very senic and nice drive. Passed about 8000 feet. Lot's of snow. We arrived at the Grand Canyon around 10am. To say the least it was freezing. We were both very happy to still have our winter gear on us. Temp was 10 degree with out wind. The wind was not gusting, it was a steady 30 MPH. Despite the cold, the view was amazing. I won't waste time describing it. You can check out our picts, but even that really doesn't do it justice. It's just too big. If there's one thing everyone should see in their life time, it's the Grand Canyon.

We're now about 1:15 from Hoover dam which is 45min from Vegas where we will be spening two nights. I love vegas and have lost count of how many times I have partied there (what can I say, Pai Gow poker and free Tanq and tonics might have something to do with it). This will be Jenn's first trip. As she drive I am sure that she's thinking we'll get there and settle in for a relaxing night. Not going to happen. Step one, drop off stuff in hotel, step 2 get 2 large 1 yard margaritas, and hit the stip. We'll be staying at the tropicana (rediculously inexpensive and great location). So we'll hit MGM, NY NY and maybe head to Paris for a ride up the Eifle tower!

Not sure we'll get time to post picts until we get to SLO. Mostly b/c who wants to play online when we can be playing in the casinos! Also so far we've taken ~1200 pictures and really need to sort thru them before posting!

Wish us luck in Vegas!!!!

Few picts to come depending on VZW access on the way to Hoover dam.