Monday, January 28, 2008

San Francisco

We spent last weekend in San Francisco. Jenn was out for a few days to interview at UCSF. I drove up (in the rain of course) on thursday night to meet Jenn at the swanky Castle inn. Actually not a bad place if you're color blind. Shimmering gold curtains accented the astroturf green colored carpet quite nicely.
No trip to San Francisco would be complete with out a trip to the Golden Gate bridge.
A little on the cold side (well, cold for SF), very windy, but it stopped f#$%ing raining long enough for us to get outside. Sadly on our walk we came around a small crowd talking to an SF police officer. Apparently we missed a jumper/faller by a few minutes. Yeah, that sucks, mostly strange how everything still goes on... On to happier stuff.
Jon and Jen (friends from Newport and Boston) made the trip up from Santa Clara hang out with us for the day. Special thanks to the Jen for once again driving our drunk @$$ around yet another great city! Of course, no trip to anywhere in California would be complete without some wine tasting.
Though it was fun, definitely not the best wine tasting I've ever done. But I guess that's a bit my fault. Never open a conversation with a wine taster lady with "Give us a sample of the best boxed white zin you have!" She put down the 1984 Chateau latour and broke out the boones farm. So we paid like $40 for 1 once of strawberry, 1 once razamtazberry, 1 once of something that tasted a bit like water from a rusty pipe, and 1 once of something that was distilled from WWII canned grapes. Who cares, there's still nothing better than drinking with friends. So we bought a 6 pack of some crazy VB Australian beer and headed for the beach.

Next it's off to Tommy's Joynt for a snack and yes, a few more beers. Excellent beer and excellent chili!
Starting from a local watering hole with the buffet line 10 people deep, we headed to a yuppy filled asian fusion style beer house named Betelnut for dinner. It was pretty much exactly like I imagined it. Sort of a redbones on trendy steriods that was filled with soon to be DINKs trying to find life partners with suitable income. From app desert and possibly a good port, it was a great time despite the long wait we bravely fought off with several drinks. We left around midnight to the start of another effing rain storm. My conclusion, drinking with friends stops the rain...

Follow the link below for more picts from San Francisco.

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Toffee said...

I have been drowning in my tears since I found out that you will not be coming to Boston to visit me. I even ordered a special K9 Pats jersey to wear to your trail! woof.