Monday, January 14, 2008

The trip posts continue

Here are a few more picts from the trip. They are a bit out of order due to using two cameras. Also it's hard to pict which photos to post. This post is another 141 picts out of the 1400 picts we took. This mostly covers our trip from Atlanta to Roswell NM. We stopped for the night in Longview TX. We were looking for a good steak place but didn't have much luck. We ended up at a Japanese Habachi place. Our chef was young mexican guy. Defn a surpise as I have been to habachi many times and it's usually older japanese guys. Long story short, it was the best habachi we've ever had. Guy was a bit of a pyro, but was very entertaining.

In apartment news, got my second couch today. Didn't like hte first one, it was cool in concept, but was not very comfortable. New recliner couch is excellent. Good napping couch.

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Jennifer said...

Do you even read your own blog?! The same picture appears on December 29th. I know that stretch of road was pretty interesting ( ;P )but not so interesting that it needs two showings.

Just kiddin!