Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jenn's visit

Jenn showing off her mad photography skillsJenn made it out for a visit last weekend. She was here for a very quick 4 days. She was suppose to stay only 3 full days, but the opportunity came up to get bumped on her ticket home and stay an extra day (and get a free ticket!).

IN 4 days we managed to go on two hikes, make it to the beach a few times, go wine tasting, hang out with the SLO hash, and see a sunset at the beach. Here are a few pictures from Jenn's visit. Maybe someday I'll get around to uploading more picts.
Jenn showing off her mad photography skills

Some kind of lizard. I tried to look it up but there's like a million different lizards that look like this in Cali.

Wine tasting in Edna Valley.

Sunset at Pismo beach.


Jenn H said...

Love the lizahd!

Todd aka Cuffy said...

I wonder what he's thinking about...

Toffee said...

Great photos! I miss seeing Jenn - hope to see her in April! Have you witnessed the "green flash" yet? Check out my post today - there's a special woof out to High A.

Toffee said...

thanks for checking out Papa G's birthday blog. I think that you and Jenn should spend a night at the "madonna inn" in SLO. Each room has a "kitschy" theme..look it up dad 2b and mom may stay there for the heck of it on their honeymoon.