Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shiny new bike

Some of you might have noticed that there was no post last week. Good
reason for that. What happens in vegas stays in vegas.

The goal this weekend was to get a new bike. SLO is a great place to
ride. Lot's of bike lanes and pretty much everywhere you go there's a
place to lock it up. Also SLO has some great mountain biking trails.
Also wanted to pick up a bike b/c work is about a mile away and the
gym is 2 miles. Biking actually takes as much or a little less time to
get to where I am going. After about about 2 weeks of trying every
kind of bike out there, I settled on a Specialized Rockhopper.

This would be a longer post, but still working on getting better SW to post. Might just suck it up and move the blog to my .mac account. Long story short, took my camera on a ~15 mile bike ride around town and up to Cerro San Luis. Next two picts are a chinese like park downtown.

Single trak path on Cerro San Luis.

Bike path near my house next ot some very active train tracks.

That's it for now. Back to the quest for better blogging SW...


Toffee said...

My mom has a "Specialized" Rockhopper too!

Toffee said...

come on over and sign my new guestbook!
btw Wedding hash will be June 21st if you can make it out this way.