Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ski trip to Sierra Summit

Finally got a chance to get some skiing in this year. Took a weekend trip to Sierra Summit on Huntington Lake. It's not a huge mountain but it had great terrain. Weather was amazing. Not quite power amazing, but 50 degrees and sunny w/ almost no one on the mountain. It's defn a good deal to ski there. Tickets are around $50/day (less if you go with more than one person and stay over night). Season pass for end of this season and all of next season is $250 w/ no black out dates. Only odd this is the hotel that you stay in. I had a room on the ground floor w/ a popular walkway out side my window. Couldn't control the heat so it was about a million degrees in there and had an odd smell of cinnamon. So I had to leave the window pretty much wide open. Thing is the curtain didn't exactly cover the whole window. So pretty sure people could just watch me sleep or potentially poke me with a stick...

Drive out was great. Book on CD and great views. Starting in SLO it's op and over the grade (mountain range) and thru a very hilly and green wine country. Then its a fast flat stretch thru the valley, then a windy twisty 7000 foot climb to the base of the ski area. I think Sierra Summit tops out close to 9000 feet. For some pictures of the ride out and skiing click here


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