Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Columbus day in Philly w/ Jenn

Just got back from a long weekend in Philly w/ Jenn. We fit a lot in to a short trip. Out to dinner, watched football, did a small bar crawl, made dinner and breakfast and Jenn's apt, went pumpkin and apple picking, saw some animals, made apple pancakes and apple crisp, and corn muffins, played $25 worth of Big Buck Hunter for $10 (Jenn worked out that amazing deal. My trigger finger still hurts!). For pictures click here. On a side note, my tickets we're not all that expensive for a holiday weekend. Just took 13 hours and 3 flights each way (yeah yeah took the settler's like weeks and many died, that was then this is now...). Next time it's 2 flights or less.  Oh and to make this more fun, landed in SLO and my car battery was dead. Airport people were great! Got a jump and was on my way in 10 minutes later and I was on my way. 

Stay tuned for an exciting post this weekend as I discuss cleaning my apt...

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Toffee said...

Are there treats involved with said cleaning of apartment?